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Overall solution coherence

Quick wins approach rather than big-bang deployments. Iterate your customization along with your business transformation plan for optimized project delivery and cost.

Solution sustainability

Strong delivery experience with leader oversea suppliers in their market. Benefit from top-notched technology and strong existing customer base.

Fully integrated solutions

Technical background experience of massive integrated platforms deployment across 4 continents for top Telco company, from pre-commissioning to post go-live technical support handover.

Cloud integration Solution

On-premise and cloud software integration as well as public cloud software development.

Your business solutions

Products and services

Solve our client problems with cutting-edge tailored solutions thanks to quick wins approach and strong delivery experience with oversea partners.


IT Integration

We offer outstanding project management experience to solve our client problems with cutting-edge tailored solutions

We analyze past, current and potential risks to design a comprehensive solutions with a strong focus on:


Total cost of ownership:  including installation, integration, consumable and maintenance costs


State of the art technology with innovative solutions successfully deployed in Europe


Solution sustainability: simplicity, scalability, flexibility

Our project philosophy is to bring a maximum value with a quick wins approach rather than long phase deployments, injecting agility and iterative methodology into the project management when it makes sense.



We believe that 90% of mobile apps will offer great user experience with the latest hybrid framework (enterprise apps, communication apps, portfolio or event apps…)

Besides, combined with serverless back-end cloud services, it offers great benefits, reducing time to market and initial cost:


Application available immediately for all devices: IOS, Android, etc…


Reduce initial development costs and time: one experienced team using one common framework


Allow highly scalable design: no dev-ops is the best dev-ops

It allows our customer to reduce the initial investment to validate a new service at minimum cost and short time-to-market.

Stay tune with our on-going project:


Our talented mobile app team is about to ease Parent-Teacher communication as never before!



We offer a unique partnership framework to address South-East Asia business challenges with proven and innovative solutions from Europe.

With our Managing Director living & working experience across 4 continents,  especially in France & Malaysia, YAT offers unique services to successfully deliver projects while limiting inherent project risks related to cultural alignment, languages, distance, HR and working aspects.


Minimize cost to access SEA market. No hiring, No representative office.


Gain on project stability and continuity. Stop flying consultants on and off


Access Malaysian public tender offers


Benefit from strong customer facing experience across 4 continents and interface roles between international teams, involving both technical teams & C-levels

We believe in long term partnership built over a practical approach through a first opportunity, to quickly gain product knowledge and release our partner from costly remote follow-up on project activities.



Align commercial strategy with our partner, with iterative adjustments to match local market specificities


Project delivery

A first co-joint project delivery, to gain product knowledge and integration experience while tightening links with our partner internal teams



Build and run a first level of local technical support



We provide in-depth technical consulting for neophytes private investors looking into SEA start-up opportunities.


Our tech-enthusiast team is passionate by disruptive technology and keep an active technological watch as their daily routine.


With a broad technical background in both hardware and software computing, we have a pretty deep understanding of underlying technology behind disruption.


From optimizing 2MB Ram memory allocation under MS-DOS in the early 90’s until server-less back-end architecture design, computer science is in our DNA.


Combined with a sharp understanding of business stakes, it gives us a rare and unique perspective to assess investment opportunities into tech start-ups.

Discover our story

We are Yat Tech


Our mission is to develop innovative solutions or import well-proven technology through value-added partnership to solve your business challenges in South-East Asia.


We don’t sell features, we sell solutions. YAT is a disrupting company solving business issues by hiding technology complexity behind simple user experience.

Core Value

We combine both creativity and technical expertise to provide the best Challenge-Solution FIT


The quality of bending easily without breaking.


Demonstrate honesty and sound ethical behavior in all business transactions, and personal integrity in all dealings with others.


Consistently treat customer satisfaction as a top priority.

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We’ll gladly assist you with any questions you may have about our products and services. From initial analysis all the way to final implementation, we’ll find a solution that fits your requirements.